16 October, 2011


God, I HATE the *^@#$&*_$ Duckies –


I really, really do.

I KNEW that Newton would throw a stinker or two this year –

I just didn’t think it was going to be THIS game –

Last week, Coach Ron extolled his linebackers not the “take the cheese” that the Saints were putting out there with their tight end play –

Well, he should have had McDermott say the same thing to our corners and safties. TWICE, we got called for pass interference IN THE ENDZONE with balls that I’m fairly certain that alligator-armed Roddy White had little chance of catching. The result? The two touchdowns that beat us. Not only did we TAKE the cheese, we sprung the trap wire right on our pointed snouts! A maddening state of affairs, but hey, we knew our defense was garbage. We knew if we couldn’t hold Michael Turner in check, we’d have a tough time. And Newton’s three picks didn’t help. For the first time this season, the hole in the offensive line where Jeff Otah should be got exposed. Sorry Bell. You got exposed today. You are getting extra film time this week, bro, cause guess who’s coming to the Litter Box next week? Uh huh, the STOUTEST defense you may face this year. Sucky offense, yes, but the FredSkins will be tough to score on. We are going to HAVE to keep Cam’s jersey clean to have a chance to win.

It was fun fellowshipping with Dano and company today. It really was. Food was outstanding, the weather in the Ortel Sunroom was sublime, and for the most part, the game was entertaining, but I was certain the Duckies were going to do something stupid to give the Panthers their first victory of the season, but it was US who frittered victory away. A far cry from last year’s hopelessness, but DAMN!

I’m already tired of almosts.

I’m already tired of moral victories.

I’m already tired of empty stats good for fantasy numbers only.

When your team’s THIS competitive, THIS close, YOU WANT TO SEE WINS!

I know we should be patient, I know we should be thankful we’ve got the improving team we’ve got and not the miserable bunch Sad Looey or Miami has.

It’s just getting into that frame of mind. It’s just remembering the successes we once had have spoiled us. This game we adore is ultimately cyclical. I’ll admit I’m not there tonight. I’m more disappointed this evening than I have been since the preseason.

Of course, not only does NFL stand for National Football League, it stands for NOT FOR LONG, and EVENTUALLY we’re going to break through. Hell, the Saints LOST today in Tampa! Jacksonville PUSHED the Squeelers! We are beatin’ SOMEONE, and badly.

Could be next week.

Sometimes, you just need the proper equipment to succeed. For years, I plied my craft with a cheap Aztec airbrush. I rarely achieved my vision for any particular piece. I upgraded to a Paache VL, and improved somewhat. But it wasn’t until I upgraded to an Iwata HP-C did I begin to realize the success I had longed for. Adding a Silentaire A20 compressor made it even easier. I have recently added a German Harder-Steenbeck Infinity to my arsenal, and I RARELY DON’T meet or EXCEED my expectations on ANY project. John Fox and that Panther team were between that Paache and the HP-C. Cam Newton could be that German airbrush in that Crazy Joe metaphoric art world. We just have to use the right air pressure, and the right media with it, and have the right hands controlling the whole apparatus, and the Panthers exceed our expectations every time they take the field.

I know I’m right, but it sucks having to write that every week so far.

I’m struggling with my patience with the learning period this evening. And so are the Panthers. They’re professionals. You’d expect them to.

I’d also expect our party this Sunday to exceed our expectations as we entertain our beloved brethren from the Great White North – Let’s get behind our Panthers and implore them NOT only to refuse the cheese, but SHOVE IT DOWN THE DEADSKINS’ THROAT!

I’m cheezed out, y’all. See you soon with the picks.

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