07 October, 2011


There are folks who LOVE anchovies.

Count me as one of them. Call it an acquired taste, much like cigars, caviar, cognac, raw oysters, certain pungent cheeses, etc.

I will guarantee you this –

Burger King will NEVER sell anchovy burgers.

Baskin Robbins will NEVER market caviar flavored ice cream. Even in Russia.

You will NEVER get an oyster flavored birthday cake at Harris Teeter.

You may wonder where I’m going with this –

If you were hiding under a rock this week, then you didn’t know that Hank Williams Jr. got canned as the opening act for ESPN’s Monday Night Football for a foolishly rendered metaphor concerning a golf summit between the Prez and SOH Boehner. He further inserted his boot in his heavily bearded visage by calling our duly elected executive duo – “The Enemy”. Ok. Hank, you got your message across. You also called Obama and Biden the “Three Stooges”. Did you think one of them was going to reproduce by asexual means such as an amoeba splits itself in two?

Before I go further, let me say that I am a big fan of Hank Jr.’s music. I’ve seen him in concert THREE times and had a blast each time. As I’ve become a rowdy dude that’s settled down, I don’t tend to turn him on as often, but when I do, I’m sure to have a good time listening. I also believe, without a doubt, that Hank had EVERY constitutional right to say what he did. You go, Hank. Speak your mind. Say whatever you want about our president. We’ve been afflicted with maddening political correctness for way too long, and I believe that it’s way past time for EVERYONE to just chill out and thicken our damn skins. I’m also in FULL agreement with ESPN in releasing Bocephus from his bit role for Monday Night. Why?

Because what Hank said, ON AIR on Wednesday was in very, VERY, bad taste.

See where I’m goin’ with this?

No one wants an anchovy burger. No one wants oyster flavored birthday cake. No one wants to guzzle fish flavored soda.

While not making a direct comparison to Adolph Hitler, Bocephus STILL managed to make a statement that made people scratch their heads, and of course, in this wired world, went totally viral in moments. At a time when government should be finding common ground and working together, this man is contributing to the rancid bi-partisanship. Unfortunately, I know quite a few people who agree with Hank, and SOME would be more than happy to empty a 30-round clip into our POTUS and his veep.

That is sad, friends.

An attempt to be maliciously humorous backfired on Hank, and badly.

It’s all about marketing, folks. ESPN, who’s writing the check, is in full right to discontinue his services, if their opening act makes people think of Hitler and Obama chasing birdies. I, for one, don’t tune into sporting events for whoever sings the opening music for the broadcast. So, whether it’s Hank Jr., Justin Bieber, Hairy Beaver, whatever, I’m not interested in who’s doing the opening. I’m interested in the game. Political viewpoints add a noxious taste to wholesome pursuits as sports fandom, meant to be a much-needed respite from the real world.

This isn’t about free speech, folks. Hank’s rights have NOT been infringed on.

It’s about insistence on not selling limburger scented candles…

That’s my view on the story.

And I am SOOOOOO jonesin’ some anchovies on some Saltines….

Back soon with the picks….

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