01 November, 2010




Told yer so!!!

Just for s**ts and giggles I read my last quarterly report from last season and saw that I had correctly predicted a Colts-Saints SuperBowl.

So, for those of you who mock my prognosticative prowess and powers - (BLu)

THHHHHPPPPPPPPHHHHPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! with extree slobber...


Hello, Fanz -

I come to you a deflated one-week Rangers fan, having seen that girl-child Timi Lincecum carve up the American League's Yankee Killers. But I'm not here to talk about America's pastime -

I'm here to talk about AMERICA'S PASSION. Yours. Mine. Half the country. Half the world that's graduated from soccer.

I paid little attention to the Panthers yesterday. I will admit. Your Cedar Street Seer saw the outcome of this game on Saturday, as Peter and Murray asked me what I saw of the game's outcome during our farewells.

Damn, I hate it when I'm right, sometimes. I spent the early afternoon partaking in the 32nd annual CROP WALK, and I had figured I would have a better football watching afternoon tuning into the late games. And, again, I was right. These are the time when I'm REALLY happy to be involved in fantasy football, and I had four starters playing in the Titans-Chargers game. Also enjoyed seeing Brett Favre getting knocked around again in a NO-TOUCHDOWN throwing game. And seeing the scores roll off the sports ticker, I began to think -

What a strange season this is coming to be. Who among you thought the Cowpuppies would be listless and lifeless at 1-6? The Vikings with their appointed and annointed Savior Diva a miserable 2-5? And in danger of falling behind to the resurgent Leos? And the surprises -

The lowly Chefs and Schraiders at the TOP of their division, while the perennial ass-kickers Denver and Sad Diego are suffering some gluteal discomfort of their own? The Sad Louis LAMBS at .500? Something in particular that I liked was that fat obnoxious Rex Ryan having to choke on his own viceral verbage in going SCORELESS at home to the PACKERS. There's your first taste of humble pie for the season, fat boy, and I guarantee it won't be your last. What I DIDN'T like was seeing otherwise well-regarded coach Mike Shanahan actually SIT DONAVAN McSNABB down for the last two minutes of a game against The LEOS???!!! IN FAVOUR OF WRECKS GROSS-MAN???? Did Shanahan all of a sudden turn into Sooper-Stoopid Man??? What the hell is THAT??? At least I give Samauri Mike credit for seeing, early, that Dinky Carr simply sucks. I doubt Dinky gets another shot in the league. Something I have mixed feelings about is Randy Moss' strange dialogue after yesterday's game, and being promptly ejected by his new team. Hate the fact he said what he did, LOVED the reaction of Viking's front office. Despite their offensive woes this season, they at least had the integrity to refuse to put up with disrespectful and disruptive attitutes from an otherwise singular talent with game-changing abilities. Of course, the Pastry-Rots are getting on just fine without him.

And along with the perennial portrayal of pigskin power of those Pastry-Rots, the NY Giants are taking control of the NFC East, the Bears Still Suck, and the Packers are in position, while battered and bruised, to be a contender. Yes, enough of big-market teams are viable enough to keep the ratings up and the media fat and happy as they continue to suck the teats of Mother Pig National Football League. And the Squeelers are back in contention as well, although I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my girlfreind Saints spank 'em as they deserved. Odd, that the score was 20-10. Which brings us to our division.

20-10 was the score the Lambs fleeced us for. But it just may as well been 50-10. What do you think a GOOD team would have done? What about TAMPA BAY, who, I believe is ON TOP OF THE DIVISION!!??? And, even though a great amount of energy was expended in dispatching that overrated buncha goons from Western PA, the Saints are sure to smack us around like a ten-pound Hackey-Sack. Sam Bradford killed us with the small ball, the death of a thousand cuts. Just wait till Drew Brees does with us this Sunday! What was once a refuge for us, the offensive line supporting the ground and pound game, has simply become offensive. And it's sad. Oh, I understand that football's cyclical, and SOMEONE has to suck every season, but damn, I hate that it's US! Years ago, when we were mired in losing streaks, there always seemed to be hope, now, there's only resignation. And ambivelence. And a party.

One good out of three -

Will have to do.

And the strange season continues. And as a fan of the game, I hang on, because that's what you do.

Go Mighty Nimrods, as usual, tops in their league.

And I'm back, weekly, and possibly more.

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