29 November, 2009


For those who don't know what this substance is, it's an ammino acid, prevelant in turkey most notably, that's sleep inducing. For the fifteen years that I've followed this team -

Today was the first time that watching the Panthers had the same effect as eating a plateful of the aforementioned fowl. As the game progressed, I made little vocalizing, except for the occasional "Billick, shut up, you suck!" And looking over to the couch, I see that Lauren was in full effect mode of the football Tryptophan. By the fourth quarter, I found myself hyptontized by the wretched offensive play, the porous defensive play, and I zoned out on the game, with nary a beverage drunk.
I awoke to Joke Delhomme's FIFTH interception, and began wanting to see another game.
I went into this game hopeful, but not really expecting much, so the loss and the manner of the loss doesn't hurt much. I'll wake up tomorrow morning, get out of bed, get ready for work, maybe listen to a bit of Chris MacClain, but I'm pretty much over with the season. I've got a 25-year old marriage to celebrate, a hobby that fufills me, and other sports that I'm passionate about. Go Tar Heels, go Saints.

Go Mrs. Woods.

The current state of the Panthers is pretty much what I thought when I wrote the rant titled "THAT'S NO MOON". I predicted a 6-10 season. We're right on track for it, and we could possibly LOSE to the Suckaneers, who pushed the Duckies for all they were worth in THEIR house! There are five games to go, and like the other goobers I've wrote about weeks ago, math is really the only thing that's our ally. And I just gotta say, that's not much to get excited about.

So, what do myself, and the rest of PantherFanZ and PantherNation want to see for the rest of the year? I want Jake Delhomme benched. I just refuse to believe that Matt Moore is THAT bad in practice that Foxy won't give him a chance. The injuries to the offensive line we can't help, but Delhomme was playing this bad WITH Jordan Gross in there. The defense is playing ok, but I'd like to see more of the younger dudes given a chance. I want the team to play for their jobs, because you know what's coming down the pike -

The headline in the sports section. The breaking news on ESPN.

John Fox Fired. Marty Hurney Fired. Jeff Davidson Fired.

And I would expect one of the first things the new Bossman does is let Delhomme go.
He has to.

And now I'm wondering, who IS the new bossman? What hire will Big Cat make? Is it Cowher? Schottenheimer? Holmgren? Whoever it is, and whatever he does, he's going to have to make some serious changes in personnel and fundamental philosiphy as to not produce Tryptophan-like effects on the fan base.

Like this afternoon.

And I hope the Ravens and Steelers don't put me down tonight as well.

I'd imagine a quiet lot next Sunday, but I'll be there.

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