24 November, 2009


Too Hard.

It's the title of the rant I saw in my head as Dano flitted around the lot last Thursday like a RC helo on 'roids. And the rest of the Pantherfanz going the extra mile to make a great party like this one. And I would go on to observe that despite the loss, many members of the team work very hard.

It's a noble charachter trait that's worth favorable comment.

But like I did when I showed up later than I wanted to, I've been working more than I anticipated this month. And the work's piling up. With a 25th anniversary (Thank you Kathie!!!) to celebrate and loads of family coming up, and an avalanche of orders to process -

This is the end of my very, very, short rant. I'm not terribly upset about the loss -
The Dolphins are a pretty good team, possibly a mirror of our own. With the exception of the Michigan Man at QB. The party was good, the weather outstanding (again!)and Dano's dry rub ribs were killer.

An abbreviated picks post should be here Wednesday evening.

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