12 November, 2009


As we sat and watched the Panthers rocket out to a 17-3 halftime lead, my mind began to race with the possibilities-

What IF we had managed to pull of the upset of the week, possibly the first half of the season – The Suckaneers had already bashed the Packers at home (as well as my Week 9 handicap!) What if we really DID have the Saint’s number, even with our halfbacks missing? I tried to imagine the rant I would write, and surely, the inevitable Saints comeback materialized, and a new, matter-of-fact rant formented. Only it didn’t pop in. It came with the speed of a PC with 50KB of RAM. And while Jessie’s schoolwork commandeered the computer, I came to realize –

I didn’t have the urgency to write. I didn’t have the desire to hear Chris MacClain’s/Frank Garcia’s/Mark Packers’ endless blather about the game, and what the Panthers need to do. I usually spend hours and hours on end listening to WFNZ on the streaming at work, and this week,

I just didn’t have it.

I find myself feeling indifferent. Knowing what’s coming and not really caring.

I know what’s wrong with the Panthers. You know what’s wrong with the Panthers. EVERYONE with football sense knows what’s wrong with the Panthers.

I’m just tired of hearing about it, thinking about it, and writing about it.

I’ve never been more convinced. It’s the quarterback. It’s the coaching staff’s titanic blunder in putting all the confidence and money in someone who is rapidly sliding down to the end of his serviceable playing career. The rest of the team’s fine. And because of that, I will still look forward to game day, but goodness gracious –

The play of Jake Delhomme, the play calling of Jeff Foxidson hamstring any chances of us to have a respectable season! Don’t get me wrong, I still love this game! I’m not planning on selling my tickets or doing anything drastic.

You know why?
There’s a new day dawning for Panther Nation. A day that won’t have John Fox in the coaches’ office. A day that will see a smiling, happy Jake Delhomme tending his prized horses in Beaux Bridge in September. A day that sees us with a fresh start, and new hopes.

Until then, I have a life to live. A hobby that excites me. Daughters to nuture and rebuild relationships with. The rebuilt Tar Heel basketball team to cheer for. And PantherFanz tailgate party, for five more times this season.

Picks next. Hoo boy.

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