24 October, 2009


A week of Steve Smith dominating the Panthers news confirms the perfect illustration I gave Panther Nation last week. Divas in the passing game are simply high maintenance. Terrel Owens. Jerry Rice. Plaxico Burress, on and on and on. Yes, there is no doubt they help you win, and they electrify the team and their fans when they're on.

Just like that trophy of estrogenal perfection, let them be dissatisfied for a moment, let you decide to play golf instead of going to the gardening show, and


For some, the thrill of the forward pass, or the dazzling companion is narcotic.

For me, I'll just curl up with my comfy running game and pound it between the tackles, while Stewilliams sweetly asks me if I'd like jam on my toast...

Picks comin' right up!

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