20 October, 2008


October 20, 2008

I kind of over-libated myself with Redbreast upon returning home and never got to the keyboard to start pounding out my post-game rant. But never fear, I’m back at it this afternoon. First of all, let me say that as fans, we’ve experienced one of the best gamedays since ’96. Seriously. From the weather to the food, to the game itself, it was absolutely fantastic. Second of all, let me say-


I had correctly predicted this outcome by examining the “reverse karma” of the past three weeks involving crappy AFC Worst teams, and the NFC South. I woke up Sunday Morning feeling completely confident, and Dano himself can recall our Saturday conversation to this regard. Sure, you can go over X’s and O’s all you want, and listen to the endless blather of the so-called-experts, who, by the way, cant WAIT to bury their once-beloved anointed Cowbabies, but there’s no getting in the way of that most powerful karma.

Ok, what did we see? I’m sober and reflecting on the contest. The all-powerful Saints offense DID move the ball- but not in the huge chunks that so characterizes their attack. I’m really trying NOT to give Turkey-Vac too much love, and I’m reserving judgment on him until the seasons’ complete, but this was a BEAUTIFUL defensive effort! Never mind the mercurial effectiveness of the offense, and I’ll get to that later, but WITHOUT a judicious amount of blitzing, they STILL held the NFL’s #2 offense to 7 measly points! John Kasay could have kicked two field goals, and the defense generates a safety, and that would have been enough to win! This is what I THINK I saw through the buzz- With mainly a four-man rush, the linebackers and the VERY UNDERRATED secondary played a contain and cover game, keeping the play in front of them at ALL TIMES. The coverage began to throw Brees off, and the resulting chaos on the front lines became the perfect environment for pass pressure-

Enter Julius Peppers.

For the past few weeks, a serious Romulan mind control tactic had affected his play, but I’ve learned that a bold countermeasure by some of StarFleet’s finest para-physcholgical warfare experts from the future managed to free Julius’ football mind to set straight the timeline that is meant to be, one of many Panthers victories for this season, so that there is no future paradoxes that rupture the space-time continuum. And while that may not necessarily be so, that sounded so delightfully geeky to say in a classic Marc Stanton way. But you get it. A maddeningly INCONSISTENT #90 unleashed DOES make a game-changing impact on the way we attack, and the way our opponent counters. The Saints simply had NO ANSWER for our defense, and now, the rest of the league will be examining the film from yesterday, hoping to duplicate that success. I counted at least three times when Julius was held, and not called by the Hoculis. And when he was double teamed, his linemates were sure to make a play. I can’t say enough about the fourth down stands made TWICE and defended successfully. This was an incredible defensive effort that we’ve not seen in years. And you can’t count the games against creampuffs like the Chefs and the Duckies. This was a SERIOUSLY good offense, shut down. Turkey-Vac? I’m proud for you TODAY. AND THAT’S IT! Game plan effectively for the Cardy-noles coming up this Sunday, and I’ll add that to my Turkey-Vac love bank.

Now, for the offense. There was really no HUGE offensive plays made, but it wasn’t necessary! The one thing I particularly notice was the tremendous amount of balance between run and pass, both very effective. I think we had ONE 3-and-out series. I must give serious props to the O-line for holding things together while Otah and Kalil heal. Jake was BARELY TOUCHED on Sunday! No turnovers tossed by our Cajun Cannon, but what was wonderful to see was how ACCURATE he was! On the TD pass to Smith in the third quarter, it first appeared to be a lucky ballsy pass in Jake’s usual “gunslinger” mode. Oh no, my friends, upon Wildman’s astute examination of the replay on those tremonsterous scoreboard screens, JAKE LAID THAT BALL RIGHT ON HIS CHEST! Stupendous play. While Stewilliams never had any of those magnificent breakaway runs, they managed to crank out some 140 yards of good, bruising offense. But the best part of our offense yesterday was something we haven’t seen in possibly THE ENTIRE JOHN FOX ERA. Killer instinct. Never, did I feel Foxball was being played as a strategic feature yesterday. The plays were called with daring, for example, the “flea flicker” from Stewart to Jake in the second quarter, and CONSISTENTLY taking a chance with the pass in the second half, keeping drives going, and keeping the Saints from getting the ball and thus getting a chance to get back in the game. Essentially, we laid the proverbial “foot on the neck”, and never let up. Never before have I seen a John Fox team play this way at home, and it was as wonderful to see as the first time you saw your wife naked. (well, at least MINE!) Really. The sound of the crowd as we exited the stadium was as such that I’ve not heard since beating Dallas in the, ehh, that thing that starts with “P”. It was as majestic as any anthem Beethoven ever wrote. At this point I’d have to say that the few Saints fans that were there were well behaved and not obnoxious pieces of s**t that Cowbaby, Eagle and Squealer fans are, and in no way made an impact on the mood of the game. Saints and Bucs fans, you’re welcome in the lot anytime with us.

Ok, we had a magnificent experience yesterday. So how does this game stack up in the great ledger of Panther wins?


Foxy and staff MUST follow up this masterpiece with one similar to it this Sunday against the Cardy-noles. Without a repeat performance against a team that has a similar offensive philosophy, and a slightly BETTER defense, this past game will only be a footnote, instead of another brick in a foundation of success this season. As it is with Fox fashion, he must not let these guys get too high again, as they were just before Tampa. I’d outlaw reading all of the gushy love over the ‘net and papers until the seasons’ over. Don’t think Arid-zona couldn’t beat us, ‘cause they could. Unless the team goes into this game with the same laser focus they had for the Saints. And it’s absolutely VITAL. After this game is the bye. Then, the second half of our season begins, albeit with a pair of patsies in the Schraiders and Lie-uns. We had BETTER be 8-2 at that point, because the next six games are against teams that right now all have winning records, with a real chance at the postseason. (Relax, Coach Mora, I didn’t say IT---) Ok, the Saints are 3-4. For now. Lets see, here they are, and in this order- AT the Duckies, AT the Packers, HOME against the Bucs, HOME against the Broncoids, then AT the G’ints, and finished at The Superdome against a team that would LOVE to get back at us. That crucible stretch of six games will define this season, and how great it would be to have the same kind of play we had yesterday. Foxy- Turkey-Vac- you fellas have your mandate.

Make it happen. For us, the loyal fan, if not for your jobs.

I’ll be back with a quasi-scouting report on our opponent in a couple of days.

In the meantime, relish this wonderful win until Thursday, Friday at the very latest, because the hard road comes in full force in less than five weeks.
Then, it’s six weeks of NFL battling at it’s best. And I’m confident we’ll come out on top.

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