08 September, 2008


September 8th, 2008

Or, would it be “Bear Facts”? “Grin and Bear it”? “BEARing the burden”? The phrases have flooded over me today- “Bear Necessities”- “Laying Bare”, etc, you get it, I hope. I got a chance, after my hyper-joyous rant, to cool off, and watch our next opponent last night, and I haven’t even allowed myself to let the great feeling linger.
All of a sudden, I have a little trepidation. It’s time to face some BEAR facts-

1- Our home record as of late has been ABYSMAL.
2- The Chicago Bears are not that bad, after all, having really had their way with the Colts last night-
3- We have yet to put two consistent games together-
4- We have the tendency to follow a really stout performance with a clunky one.
5- We rarely ever put a team away.
6- There’s a small part of me that still needs convincing.

With that, here come the Bears, here comes our home opener. I don’t think the Bears are going to watch the game film from San Diego and just shiver with fear- Nor is Foxy and the staff going to do the same, and think these guys are a pushover- and woe to anyone wearing the uniform of the player that is taking these guys lightly. Here’s one more game without the game breaker- Here’s one more game to be set up for a let down. Here’s one more game that MANDATES-

Here it comes, guys-

Wait for it, Brain----

FOXBALL. That’s right, Foxball. If we are going to have a chance against these schmos, we need to identify what we did RIGHT against The Chargers, and do MUCH LESS of what we did wrong. The Bears might be tougher to run against than the Chargers, but that shouldn’t in NO WAY stop the effort to do so. Also, on defense, we need to “stack the line”, and make Kyle Orton-hears a ‘OO beat us. Make him throw the ball. If we are beaten on the ground, all of the good feeling generated by the preseason and yesterday’s game will be gone. If we cannot generate a pass rush and fluster Orton, we are back to last season’s misery. Personally, I don’t’ think we’re going to do well flingin’ the biscuit down the field in this game. This is a game that will be won on the lines, and not by Jake’s heroics. I pray that we don’t need them, either!

I cannot stress enough HOW VITALLY IMPORTANT to this fan base, these people, you and I, PSL owners who have ponied up the cash, year after year in loyal support, it is for this, team, The Carolina Panthers, to put forth the effort, and put the Bears away at home Sunday. Stop the trend, dead, extinguish it, for good, with a decisive victory.
BEAR any burden, but make sure you put forth the MAXIMUM effort, Panthers, and give us fans who have supported you all of this time something to REALLY cheer about! I would gladly lose to the Vikings two weeks from now by double digits, by four touchdowns, for the joy of closing out an opponent at home. I can’t help but parrot Mark Packer by repeating “This is the game you GOTTA win”- Perhaps you all don’t really want to hear any pessimism coming from me after such a great game, but I just got a rush of reality. I personally see a tough contest coming up this Sunday. BUT-

Again, I’m seeing a different Panthers team this year. I’m seeing FOXBALL being played in textbook fashion against DaBears- won’t be terribly exciting like last week, but I’m cautiously certain that we are leaving the stadium happy this Sunday- and I guarantee THIS-

The tailgate party will be a smashing success. Be there. Let’s start the season cheering our hearts out- the team deserves it after “Bearing good efforts” of yesterday.

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