27 January, 2012


Hello, Fanz -

I would be amiss in my place in the PantherFandom uni-verse if I did not comment on the end of the Chud Watch this week -

Many of you know that yesterday, Tampa Bay hired Greggie Schiano from The University of Joisey, otherwise known as Rutgers, to guide their flagging franchise back to relevance, effectively ending all head coaching vacancies to all 32 NFL teams, and also effectively endng the prospect of Rob Chudzinsky, offensive wunderkind, leaving the Carolina Panthers for the 2012 season.

So, what does this mean for the Panthers, their fans, and the rest of the league?

It means that the number one priority for our continued success has been met.

It means that innovated plays like "The Brockelrooskie" will continue to amaze our fans, and distress our opponents.

It means that Cam Newton's growth as an elite NFL quarterback will continue unimpeded.

It means continued afternoons (and evenings) of exciting football that's worth tuning into.

It means at least one of our top three draft choices will be an offensive skill player.

It means an elevated attention factor to the team by the media.

And it certainly means that for the 2012 season, Primetime will be calling the Panther's number, meaning late afternoon tailgate parties to plan your fall weekends (and even Mondays) around...

And as the 2012 Super Bowl becomes a memory, and the offseason officially begins, the excitement and anticipation for the new season officially begins, with a renewed purpose, because for one more year -

We're not tossing our Chud.

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