04 February, 2012


Happy Saturday, Fanz!

The end of a most entertaining 2011 NFL season is upon us, and I for one, am looking forward to joining with our core tailgating group at Casa Coach for our final food and football fellowship of the league year! I will be most disappointed if my atomic chili doesn’t cause at least five cases of heartburn tomorrow… I’ve not failed you, dear reader, not once, in a weekly forecast this season for the first time since I took over the rant, and I won’t let you down now on this biggest of sports weekends.

You know the participants. You know the stories, the background, the smack talk, the girlfriends, the wives, the mentors, the this, the that, the onandonandonandon that accompanies the two weeks before the big game. I’m not going to discuss a word of it. Not on this blog. I’ve thought long and hard about this game – and my prognostication may disappoint some of you hoping for a good contest.

It won’t be.

And I’ll tell you why –

Who – was worse than the Panthers in total defense in the NFL this year?

Yep. 32 of 32. The Pastry- Rots.

What do the Giants have more of than the Pastry-Rots?

Yep. That thing that wins cham-peen-ships. I don’t see a matchup anywhere in this game that favours New Englandgland. Pass rush? Giants. Running game? Giants. Wide receivers? Giants. Gronk? Injured. I look for New York to take Gronkowski out of the game early, and rough up Tommy Terrific and get him out of his rhythm. Without his ever-reliable tight end, I think the New York defensive backfield, along with that excellent group of linebackers, can take care of covering Hernandez and the rest of the Pastry-Rot receivers. If the Giants “O” line can keep Fat Boy Wil-I-love-my-Fork away from Brotha Manning, he’s going to find any and all of his Three Amigos in the WEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK Pastry-Rot secondary.

This is going to be a blowout, friends.

By the fourth quarter, we’re going to be more entertained by the commercials than the game.

Enjoy the day, loyal readers, and be safe.

I’ll be back with some draft day musings in April.

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