08 September, 2009


Well, Fanz, this ejection story of the Cedar Street Seer has to have a resolution, and we're well on our way.

I just spent twenty minutes on the phone with Scott Paul, the stadium operations manager, and sincere, profuse apologies were made on my behalf. Indeed, the section securtiy was brand new, and not familiar with the antics of "Claw Man". The staff are painfully aware of the negative reputation for fan support, and I volunteer myself as a possible vehicle to help combat it. Of course, it depends, on the 12.30 meeting in my section between myself, Scott, and John Ross, who had me ejected. Our goal is to reach understanding about the way I operate on game day, and the way I support the team, which I am unwilling to change.

I am, optomistic about the outcome of this meeting.

About the Panthers?

That's another rant, coming in the next day or so.

But I'm likely back in the Panther's Den, y'all. It will take a bit for my roar to be restored, and my claws to fully extend, but I'm in a lot better spot than I was Thursday night.

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