17 January, 2009


Hello, Fanz-

For those of you still into the season after the abomination we saw exactly one week ago, I muster what's left of the clarivoyance gland and take on the championship games. Armed with a well-earned case of Labatt's, I go into the games relishing some good football. This will be short, and a quick read.

The first game will be the hardest to watch. This SHOULD have been played here! But I ranted myself out of it, and I'm moving on. It is what it is, to quothe the Fox. The Iggles are really playing a fantastic game right now, on both sides of the ball. As much praise has been heaped upon the Cardy-noles for the game last week, I'm of the mindset that the Panthers LOST that game far more than the Cards WON it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, opportunistic defense this, Kurt Warner, Larry Fitz, that, the fact is that the Fleegul defense will be hitting like their momma's been violated. I particularly like the play of Brian Dawkins in the secondary, who is a playmaker in the mold of Ed Reed. And Donovan McSnabb is playing like he had Steve Smith disease. I think the Iggles hit 'em hard and often. They are favoured, last time I looked by -3, and I'm confident they cover and return to their third Super Bowl.

I'm thinking this could be a body-bag game for the ages. I don't like the matchup of the Squeeler offensive line versus that punishing Raven defense, that has a score to settle. Somehow, I'm envisioning WorthlessBerger giving way to Byron Leftwich, and I'm envisioning Ed Reed returning a pick for six, which might be the only touchdown of the game. The weather conditions will be miserable, and will favour a team able to run. Neither will be doing that particularly well for this game. The highest scoring defense will make the difference, and I like the Quothers to quothe themselves into their second Super Bowl. At least to cover the -6 points their getting on the road...

There you go, Fanz who are left from the debris of the season... I hope to salvage something from the wretched weekend I had last week-

Ugh! I went 1-4 for a total playoff record of 3-5.

I'll be back in a little bit with a rant that's percolating Panther Blue for me and you....

uggh that was lame...

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Just throw darts at a wall dude!