24 November, 2013

Caaaaam..... a Jedi now, you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre..............

I am almost breathless as I write this -

What we needed to see as Panther Nation , we have seen -

We have seen the continuing maturation of this team into a bona fide contender - On a day where we didn't bring our best game, and there's no question we didn't - Even the best of the teams that play "BIG BOY FOOTBALL" don't bring their  "A" game week after week - we have for the THIRD WEEK IN A ROW -

Pulled VICTORY -

From the jaws of defeat  - in a manner that the recent edition of the Carolina Panthers could not have done in the past. I KNEW this game would not be as easy as it seemed on paper. That's why they "play the games" as it's said in the sporting lexicon...

There are three elements of this "BIG BOY FOOTBALL" team that won this game today -

Number one, and possibly the most important -

The nads of "Riverboat Ron", like the heart of the Grinch in that timeless holiday story, grew TEN TIMES on this day - With his Panthers on their own twenty yard line, and facing Fourth and Defeat, he GOES FOR IT -

to -

Number two, Cam Newton, instead of running for it, knowing that Miami will be expecting it, trusts the Force and Mike Shula to throw it to -

Number three, Steeeeeve SMIFFFFFFFFF who shows again and again, game after game, that HE is the emotional Obi-Wan Kenobi of this team, and WILLS it to VICTORY with a MAJOR, CLUTCH CATCH to extend the GAME WINNING DRIVE -

And Cam ends the suspense with a final lightsaber slash to Greg Olsen, finally defeating the final team these Panthers have NEVER BEATEN - leaving the mop-up work to the defense, who is seriously missing "Big Money" Charles Johnson - but not for long - he's expected back for the now HUGE game against the Sucky-Neers next Sunday.

I cannot begin to contain the excitement I have as a long - suffering Panthers fan at what this victory means -

It means -

Ron Rivera will NOT have a losing season this year.

It means-

This team is now closing the gap in the "close game" albatross that has hung around our neck for the past two years -

It means -

That Cam Newton and the rest of the offense now has the confidence it needs to KNOW WITHOUT QUESTION that it CAN play from behind, and WIN.

It means that the postseason is a virtual guarantee for us -



The pressure is even greater on the New Orleans Saints -

We're here, Drew Brees, Sean Payton, Who Dat Nation -

And we AINT SKEERT of YOU....

AND ----




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