11 November, 2013


About 4,000 years ago, an exiled Egyptian prince scaled the Holy Mount Sinai, and had an exclusive conversation with The Almighty, the Creator of the Entire Universe, the Ultimate Power that controls and moves everything that is, on the sub –atomic level.

The ex-prince, as you probably gather as Moses, the Bringer of God’s Law, asked Him as it related to his discourse with the Hebrews The Lord wanted delivered from bondage-

“Who do I say that You Are??”

The Lord Replied –



It’s been a while since I’ve been able to pound the keyboard for this blog, and I sincerely apologize for possibly offending anyone with this Biblical allusion to what we’ve all seen today – but I can’t help but feeling spiritually euphoric at what we’ve seen – only TWO WORDS come to my mind - in the matter-of-fact manner in which THE ALMIGHTY proclaimed his existence to Moses –

WE ARE……………

WE ARE…………………..

Relevant in the NFL.
Relevant in the playoff picture.


Forget the Kansas Shitty Chefs. Forget the Noo Yawk Jests. Forget the overrated Robby Ryan Saints. And now, forget the Sad-FranShits-ko  Phoney-Niners.  This defense took control of this game early, and took enough pressure off of a cautious and intensely pressured offense. I give TONS of credit to Cam Newton, and his OC Son-Of-Jaw for recognizing  this fact – we continued to get enough yards, ON OUR PLAY BALANCE, to give that defense enough of a breather to come back to the field and continue to punch this overrated NFC squad in the mouth, again and again…

WE ARE………………..

Playing as a team, in a way we haven’t done since that mythical year of 2008 – Every unit is playing with a passion and trust in one another to do the things covered in practice. There’s going to be the absolute gushing on all of the media wonkers about our defense, but I’ve gotta give some love to the offensive line – A unit that’s been jury-rigged all season is performing at a level that is not costing us games – they are opening enough holes for the run game, and giving time enough to Cam-A-Lot to make the plays he needs to make –

WE ARE…………………………

A team playing with CLASS. For all of our punishing defense , and smash-mouth way we are running the ball, for the most part we are doing it with CLASS. When Mike Mitchell inadvertadly ends Sam Bradford’s season, he APOLOGIZES the next day! When Mike “Cookies” Tolbert  absolutely FLATTENS a defensive back, he stays with him after the play in genuine concern for his safety – This is a football team void of reprehensible over-juiced egotists – and they play CLEAN.

WE ARE………………….

Now a joy to watch and cheer for! This brand of football that Coach Rivera and his staff have brought to us of late is the kind we’ve been DYING to see – and it can only get better – Do you think that Bill-a-Cheat and his Patsy-Rots are a little concerned in coming to BOFA next Monday after seeing the emasculation we put on the “Vaunted” Phoney-Niners? Oh yeah, that staff is definitely losing sleep imagining that front seven of ours pour through Brady-Boy’s battered O-line –

And now that I bring Coach Rivera up –

WE ARE…………….

As a fan base –

In need to extend to this good man of integrity, inner strength, and humility, a genuine apology for the disparaging malfeasance we’ve heaped upon him in the first quarter of this season. What he, his staff, and Dave Gettleman have put in place is rewarding the patient and trusting fans with the kind of team we’ve wanted to see, and vindicating themselves to the fans (like ME!) that doubted them.

As for me –

I BELIEVE in these Carolina Panthers NOW…

Join me –

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The Great White Mantt said...

Well said Joe! I also was ready to write this team off after the close loss to Buffalo early on in the year. I thought Rivera would be gone by the end of the year and we'd continue to struggle as a franchise as it's been the past 4 or 5 years. Sometimes it's good to be completely wrong in your accusations and this is one of those times. The 49ers game made me a true believer of this team and the fact that we have something special going on right now. Great words sir, keep it up!

Great White Mantt

The Great White Mantt said...
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